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Consider this fact before reading on –

“A Vintage Vespa can only appreciate in value, it’s a true original, it’s an antique.”

We take each restoration very seriously, investing time and meticulous craftsmanship, using only the finest of materials and parts. We truly specialize in bringing vintage scooters back to their original brand new pristine condition. It’s as if you purchased them from the original ‘Piaggio’ factory floor in Italy all those years ago.

1. Component Separation:
Each scooter is usually found in pretty bad shape due to being so old. Firstly, we strip down its component pieces (bodywork, engine, etc.). It takes an average of 8 hours to complete this step, but for older, rusted, or otherwise badly damaged scooters, this time can increase dramatically. 

2. Paint Removal:
We chemically strip the body to its original bare metal, creating the best possible surface for further bodywork procedures.

3. Repainting:
Our scooters are repainted using a careful four-step process that will protect the metal and create a beautiful, long-lasting finish. Many colors are available to choose from, and the cost of repainting will vary with each restoration.

4. Engine Rebuild:
All external parts are bead blasted, all adjusters and external hardware replaced or zinc coated. We create a perfectly running engine, which will also look brand new.

5. Optional Powder Coating:

Powder coating is a strong, long lasting finish applied to all the exposed metal parts of your scooter to protect and return them to their original chrome color.

6. Polishing & Chroming:
We polish or chrome all the metal parts on the scooter. Polishing is a cheaper and more traditional method of restoration (especially for aluminum items) but we can additionally chrome each item. All metal fender Crests, Switch Housings, Levers, Choke Knobs, Fuel Rods, etc will be polished to a brilliant reflective finish.

7. New Parts:
This is a step very difficult to average in price or labor. It is the replacement of all wearable parts of your scooter, the key to making any reconditioned scooter look like new again. EVERYTHING that is worn or old is replaced. This includes, but is not limited to: Cables, Wiring Loom, Rubber Grommets, Tires, Inner Tubes, Brakes, Switches, Switch Covers, Seat Covers, Seat Frames, Taillights, Headlights, Speedometer Face and Lens, Floor Channels, End caps, crankshaft cases and flywheel (6V magneto) and Locks as well as all new exterior parts. A relatively huge price variable is to be expected, as every scooter is treated differently and each requires a unique list of replacement parts.

8. Final Assembly:

Once the painted frame and body parts are returned from our outsourced providers, the engine is rebuilt, and the powder coating and polishing are completed, we begin the reassembly of each scooter. This is extremely labor intensive. It will include running brand new cables and a new wiring loom, rebuilding the forks, installing the engine, installing new floor channel kit, installing forks, and everything needed to deliver a superior vehicle. This is the most important aspect of the restoration.

Tour Our Facility

Our state of the art workshop facility is fully automatic, consisting of 12 pneumatic work bays utilizing only the best brand name tools and equipment. With our infrastructure, facilities and skilled technicians, we are able to professionally recondition up to 200 scooters each month. 

( is our sister company based in the United Kingdom -
For UK inquiries, please visit, or contact 44 1384 422012)
After the scooter is restored to pristine quality, we test it on the M.R.T.B. in order to ensure optimum acceleration, braking, speed, and monitor odometer mileage.

Our dust free paint booth ensures optimum quality and lasting durability. Using our professional color mixing rack, we are able to mix over 10000 different custom colours.

We take great care and attention packing our scooters, this is paramount.


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